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Do you want to maintain a presence on social media, but don’t have a lot of time? Does every time you log in to Facebook turn into a 2 hour (ahem, at least) session of reading birth articles, commenting in groups, and yet you end up feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything? Do you attend […] Read More

        I started my morning by laughing out loud at this post on unfortunate stock photography from HubSpot. I’ve been hearing lots of photo chatter lately. Some positive – like our friend Amber McCann’s shoutout to Patrice Jones’s new website. The photography is what makes Patrice’s site *sing*. I can immediately tell […] Read More

Moms. Love. Pinterest.   Pinterest is rapidly growing and has the third largest audience, behind Facebook (of course) and Twitter. For some groups, Pinterest is driving *more* traffic to their websites than Facebook. Most significantly for us, women – and mothers – are the most likely to pin. A full 80% of users are women, […] Read More

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