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  Project: Website Overhaul for the International Lactation Consultant Association The International Lactation Consultant Association is a professional organization serving lactation consultants around the globe. BirthSwell – along with collaborator Amber McCann executed a complete overhaul of the website. Challenges: Create a mobile friendly design that reflects the organization’s international nature Highlight the organization’s values […] Read More

Honored to have had the opportunity to talk with Saraswathi Vedam, the convener and chair of the Home Birth Consensus Summit. One of the most powerful things about the Summit is that it isn’t bringing together “the choir.” The Summit brings together all of the stakeholders in the maternity care system, with the goal of […] Read More

Find Part One of this post here. Crossroads This past July saw an influx of mothers who planned a natural hospital birth that ended in cesarean. The group’s guidelines have always stated that membership is only open to mothers who planned out-of-hospital births, but because of the way Facebook operates, there is no way to […] Read More

A homebirth cesarean (HBC) is not a surgical birth performed at home by midwives. It describes intended out-of-hospital births that end in cesareans. From this name and a conversation between me, an HBC mother, and my homebirth midwife, the idea for a book about these births was conceived. From that book idea, a nonprofit was born […] Read More

I trust moms to make the best possible decisions for themselves and their families. Moms are best equipped to make those decisions when they have access to high-quality, accurate, evidence-based information about birth. Learn more about the connections between birth and breastfeeding and a new educational tool for moms over at my guest post at […] Read More

Understanding the privacy settings of Facebook Groups helps make sure you are sharing (or not sharing) information with those you intend to share with. Facebook Groups are an online space where a group of people can discuss a particular interest. The settings we’re discussing here are different than those for your personal profile or your […] Read More

There’s lots of reasons you might want to have a password protected page. These include: A class or training where you’d like to provide additional materials online, but not available to anyone that visits your site You’d like to create a sense of added value for participants in a program or class You have special […] Read More

We know that families that work with midwives enjoy much higher breastfeeding rates. What is it that we can learn about what midwives best practices? How can we transform those into policies that help women reach their breastfeeding goals, regardless of setting? I am honored to be guest posting today, along with Midwives Alliance of […] Read More

Do you want to maintain a presence on social media, but don’t have a lot of time? Does every time you log in to Facebook turn into a 2 hour (ahem, at least) session of reading birth articles, commenting in groups, and yet you end up feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything? Do you attend […] Read More

David Stark of BabyBabyOhBaby is a fervent supporter of new mothers. A firm believer that attached mothers and babies promote healthy families, he has developed a series of videos on breastfeeding and infant massage, with one on birth on the way. With BirthSwell’s support, he recently rolled out a new Facebook page, with the goal […] Read More

Conflict and dissent is nothing new to the birth and breastfeeding communities. We often hear the phrase “don’t feed the troll” – but who really is a troll? How does your own tolerance of conflict impact how you manage dissent or disagreement online? These are just some of the topics we touched on at Friday’s […] Read More

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